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“We want to find a way for artists to work beyond the idea of ‘taking what you can get’, and to

recognise each other as workers with shared aims as part of a wide-reaching struggle.


Artist Leaks is an artist-to-artist solidarity project seeking to make information on pay and treatment of artists by publicly funded institutions more transparent. Artist Leaks takes the form of an online open access spreadsheet cataloging what artists have been paid by public institutions in the UK. All of this data has been submitted by artists via the Artist Leaks online form. We think it's in all our interests, as artists, to get a clear understanding of where specific fees fit into wider structures and maintain dynamics of power. 


Structurally F–cked is an inquiry into artists’ pay and conditions in the public sector in response to the Artist Leaks data. The Inquiry was commissioned and published by a-n and includes commissioned texts by Lola Olufemi, Juliet Jacques and Jack Ky Tan.

You can download the Inquiry here. Regrettably there have been some issues for screen-readers with the designed PDF so please find the plain-text version available here until this issue has been resolved. 


​Industria is still collecting responses for Artist Leaks. You can submit your personal experiences through the quick and anonymous online  form to help build a resource to strengthen our collective bargaining power as artists and workers. 



Selected Press:

Art Monthly, Issue 465, Art Notes:  Artist Leaks 

The Guardian: Artists in UK public sector making far below minimum wage, survey finds

1854 PhotographyCreating Change: Industria on advocating for fair pay

Art Review: Survey claims British artists earn just £2.60 an hour

Arts Professional: Artists 'earning £2.60 an hour', study finds

The Arts Newspaper Podcast: The Week in Art "Biggest art fraud in history" in Canada; Artists' Pay; the Duchess by Massys 

a-n: ‘Structurally F–cked’: a report into artists’ pay and conditions​

Artist Union England: Artists’ Union England welcomes Industria’s report ‘Structurally F–cked’

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