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This letter was co-written by Industria and the wider working group supporting Jade Montserrat.

Open letter protesting Tate’s censorship of a Black woman artist




In 2017, artist Jade Montserrat first blew the whistle on Tate donor Anthony d’Offay by circulating a selfie he sent to her which showed him holding a racist doll. The sending of this image was part of a wider, long-term pattern of abuse. In the years since, Tate have compounded this harm by refusing to acknowledge that their engagement with d’Offay makes them complicit in laundering his reputation. Tate have met Jade’s concerns either with silence or oblique public statements on their relationship with d’Offay: a process of  institutional gaslighting which has caused a huge amount of trauma.


Tate quietly announced that they had ‘agreed to end their relationship’ with d’Offay on 4 September 2020, specifying that his name would be removed from all public signage at Tate. This followed the initial short-lived ‘cutting of ties’ with d’Offay between January 2018 and January 2019. This new development does not erase the fact that Tate have actively allowed their international standing to be used as an institutional shield, protecting d’Offay’s legacy over and above the women who came forward with accounts of his abuse. Tate’s carefully worded legal statement offers no assurance, accountability, or transparency. 


Censorship of Jade Montserrat 


A statement of solidarity by the curatorial team of A Rumour of Waves was released last week, detailing their withdrawal from working on A Year of Love with Tate Exchange in response to Tate’s attempt to censor Jade Montserrat. After 6 months of Jade being named in writing in the programme, first as artist then as co-curator, Tate suddenly escalated their ongoing mistreatment of her by attempting  to block her involvement. It was then specifically and repeatedly stated that Tate would not work with Jade.


Tate’s reasoning was given off-record at their own request, and was unsubstantiated and inconsistent. Tate and Maria Balshaw characterised Jade’s calls for accountability as ‘hostile’ and cited their right to refuse to work with ‘hostile’ artists.


The word ‘hostile’ employs a racist trope. It is in fact Tate’s direct censorship of a Black woman artist which is an act of hostility and violence. Tate’s refusal to work with Jade has also erased the work of over 50 artists who were going to be part of this programme: they are now collateral damage in Tate’s ongoing assault against Jade. 


An institution choosing to censor and harm artists in order to prioritise their relationships with donors is unacceptable. 




We protest this act of erasure and censorship against the artist Jade Montserrat. Seeking accountability and urgent change, we call for Tate to:


  • Issue a public apology to Jade Montserrat for their actions and the ongoing trauma they are causing, along with a full and formal acknowledgement of this erasure of a woman of colour. This must include a full and transparent public account of how they are holding themselves to their recent commitments on race equality throughout their institutional decision making.


  • Fully disband the Artist Rooms collection into the wider Tate collection in order to fully dismantle d’Offay’s legacy and the white male curatorial bias of the collection.


  • In light of the restrictive and damaging experiences of artists who have worked there, commission a full, external, artist/ curator/ writer/ art worker-led review of the function of Tate Exchange. Tate must commit to act decisively on the advice of this review. 


  • Build a genuinely independent and representative Ethics Committee which truly holds the institution to account. This must be capable of going beyond questions of reputational risk and Tate’s current failure to differentiate between ethics and legality. This committee must develop a new Ethics Policy which covers all areas of the institution’s activity and focuses on care of artists, workers, and the public as its constituents. 


  • Recognise that a Board of Trustees appointed by governments intent on commercial viability constrains Tate’s artistic mission and public responsibilities. The influence of the politics of privatisation and big business has meant that Tate’s board is motivated by financial efficiency and reputational risk rather than sustaining a genuine commitment to art, artists, and the public. Tate must lead demands for a renewal of financial support (without bias) from the state and divest from this system of creeping privatisation. 


By following these calls for action we hope that Tate will begin to dismantle their cycle of ethical and institutional failings. 


This letter is also written in solidarity with striking Tate Enterprise workers. We recognise that the mass redundancies we are seeing now are a symptom of the same major ethical failings sustaining the structural racism which has led to this mistreatment of Jade. 


We ask you to stand in solidarity with Jade by signing this letter and holding the institution to account. 

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Signed:  (full list of signatures updated automatically here)

Industria, artist-led network, U.K

The curatorial group of A Rumour of Waves:

Amy Sharrocks, Artist, London, U.K

Madeleine Collie, Artist/Curator, Melbourne/Naarm, Australia

Nando Messias, Artist, U.K 


Directors of galleries & cultural institutions:

Lois Keidan, Director, LADA, London, UK

Gavin Wade, Artist-Curator, Director, Eastside Projects, Birmingham, UK

Cheryl Jones, Director, Grand Union, Birmingham, UK 

Joe Scotland, Director, Studio Voltaire, London, UK

Edward Gillman, Director, Auto Italia, London, UK

Niru Ratnam, Gallerist, London, UK

Ciara Ennis, Director, Pitzer College Art Galleries, Los Angeles, USA

Lotte Juul Petersen, Director, Kunsthal Rønnebæksholm, Næstved, Denmark

Turner Prize 2020 Awardees 

Jamie Crewe, Artist, Glasgow, Scotland

Sean Edwards, Artist/Lecturer, Caerdydd, United Kingdom

Imran Perretta, Artist, London, United Kingdom

Alberta Whittle, Artist, Glasgow, United Kingdom

Ima-Abasi Okon, Artist, London, UK

Oreet Ashery, Artist and educator, London, U.K.

Collectives & organisations:

PCS Tate United Branch, Trade Union Branch of 450 Tate workers, London, Liverpool & St Ives, United Kingdom

Tate Neighbours, The Locals, London, UK

Liberate Tate, Artist collective, London, UK

Migrants in Culture, Migrant Culture Workers and Activists, London, UK

Culture Unstained (Chis Garrard, London, UK & Jess Worth, Oxford, UK, Co-directors) 

Gabrielle de la Puente and Zarina Muhammad, Critics, The White Pube, Liverpool and London, UK

ROOT-ed Zine (Amber Akaunu & Fauziya Johnson, co-founders, Liverpool, England

Nous Professionnellxs, Switzerland

Bolanle Tajudeen, Artistic Director, Black Blossoms, London, UK

mother tongues, artist collective, London, UK 

RAKE Collective, Visual research collective, London, UK

Sonia Boyce (OBE, RA), Artist/Professor, London, United Kingdom

Travis Alabanza, Artist (Tate resident artist 2016/17), England

Evan Ifekoya, artist, London, United Kingdom

Adham Faramawy, Artist and lecturer, London, UK 

Harold Offeh, Artist, Cambridge, UK

Cécile B Evans, Artist, London

Chris McCormack, Writer/Editor, London, UK

Alice Channer, Artist, London, UK

Benedict Drew, Artist, Whistable, United Kingdom

Michelle Williams Gamaker, Artist, London, United Kingdom


Sophie Jung, artist, London, U.K

Liv Wynter, Artist, London, Uk

taylor le melle

Raju Rage, Artist and educator, London, UK

Olivia Plender, Artist, London, UK

Saskia Olde Wolbers, Artist, London, United Kingdom

Lucy McKenzie, artist, Brussels, Belgium

Becky Beasley, Artist / Senior,  Lecturer, Hastings, UK

David Blandy, Artist, Brighton, United Kingdom

Helena Reckitt, Reader, Art Department, Goldsmiths, University of London, London, Uk

Peter Burleigh, lecturer, Basel, Switzerland

Angelica Cresswell, student, London, England 

Rose Cleary, writer, Southend on sea, UK

Simina Neagu, London, UK 

Karen Kramer, Artist, London, UK 

the vacuum cleaner, Artist, London, Fuck England

Flora McMurtrie

Xavier de Sousa, Curator and Performance Maker, Brighton, UK 

Ruth Hazel, Gallery Coordinator, Essex, UK 

Lizzie Homersham, Writer and editor, London, UK 

Bryony James, Curator, London

Anina Mueller, ArtistBasel, Switzerland

Sascha Gilmour, Designer, Maker & Puppeteer, Manchester, United Kingdom

Phoebe Eustance, Artist, London, UK

Sarah Boulton, Artist, North Devon, UK

Clare Qualmann, Artist and academic, LONDON, United Kingdom

Sarah Roberts, artist, Leeds, England

Eleanor Begley, Artist, London, London

James Gormley, Writer, London, United Kingdom

Tessa Norton, Writer, Bradford, UK

Elly Clarke, Artist, London, United Kingdom

Elspeth Williams, Gallery Coordinator, London, Uk

Gabriel Salter, London, UK

Aniara Omann, Glasgow

Cecilia Wee, Curator / educator, London, United Kingdom

Estabrak, Artist, London, UK

Inés Cámara Leret, Artist, London, England

Hayley Dawson, Artist, Glasgow, Scotland

Sam Risley, Artist and technician, London, United Kingdom

Alexandra Moore, Academic and curator, USA

Gabrielle de la Puente and Zarina Muhammad, Critics, Liverpool and London, UK

Bethan Lloyd Worthington, Artist, London, UK

Madi Walsh, Content Designer, London, UK

Dave Beech, Reader, Senior Lecturer, artist, writer, Ashburton, United Kingdom

Madeleine Pledge, Artist, London, UK

Jennifer Brough, Editor and writer, Croydon, United Kingdom

Charlotte Young, Artist, London, United Kingdom

Susan Forsyth, Artist, London, United Kingdom

Anna Lilleengen, Artist, Harrogate, England

Alicia Jane Turner, Composer, London, UK                                                                                                            (50)

Myriam Mouflih, Glasgow, UK

Lynn Murphy, London, UK

Mathew Parkin, Artist, Glasgow, United Kingdom

Katriona Beales, ArtistLondon, UK

Bee Hughes, Artist & Lecturer, Liverpool, United Kingdom

Dillwyn Smith, Artist, London, London

John Bloomfield, Curator, Huntingdon, United Kingdom

Paul Bryan, Artist BA/MFA, Nottingham, United Kingdom

Maxima Smith, Artist, London, U.K

Cherry Truluck, Artist & project manager, Tisbury, UK

Verity-Jane Keefe, Artist, London, UK

Jade French, Manchester, United Kingdom

Joanne Norcup, Academic researcher, United Kingdom

Emma-Jane Stogdon, Content Manager, Norwich, UK

Eleanor Jenyns, ArtistLondon,United Kingdom

Kirstin Bicker, Development manager, Norwich, United kingdom

Nathan Walker, Artist and Lecturer, York, United Kingdom

Kimberly Bashford

Jenny Moore, Artist, London, UK

Ruby Cedar

Sophie Chapman, Artist, London, UK

Clare Charles, Cardiff, UK

Sharone Lifschitz, Artist, london, United Kingdom

Derek Horton, Artist-writer, curator, editor, Leeds, UK

Rosalind Faram, Artist,  MA, East Grinstead, UK

Stella Pearce, Art student, London, England

Mike Page, Professor, London, UK

Sasha Morse, London, UK

Marjorie Morgan, Cultural Archivist / Writer, Liverpool, United Kingdom

Daniel Green, Artist / Educator, London, United Kingdom

Emma Ward, Registered nurse. Norwich, UK

Freya Dooley, Artist, Cardif, fUK

Rebecca Lennon, ArtistLondon, UK

Kate Fitzpatrick, Festival programmer, Melbourne, Australia

Nicola Singh, Artist, Calderdale & Tyne and Wear, UK

Michelle Woolley, Artist, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, UK

Ebun Sodipo, Artist, London, United Kingdom

Laura Fox, Artist, LONDON, United Kingdom

Dr Phoebe Patey-Ferguson, Lecturer, London, UK

Julie Moran, Artist, Barcelona, Spain

Ben Greehy, London, United Kingdom

Carl Gent, artist, London / Sussex, UK

Bruce Connew, photographer artist, Auckland, New Zealand

Georgina Watson, MA Student, Royal College of Art, London, United Kingdom

Robin Purves, Senior Lecturer/PhD, Glasgow, Scotland

Marlo De Lara, PhD Cultural Studies and History of Art, Baltimore, Usa

Lynne McCarthy, Senior lecturer, London, Ireland/UK

Jo Hauge, ArtistGlasgow, United Kingdom

Hava Carvaja, trans girl,  BasildonUnited Kingdom

Tiffany Boyle, Curator, Glasgow, United Kingdom                                                                                             (100) 


Beth Bramich, Writer, London, Uk

Louise Burford, Filmmaker, Paris/London, England

Nicholas Tee, Artist, Singapore

Laura Morrison, Artist, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Dr Susanna Rance, Sociologist, PhD, London, UK

Stephen Pritchard, Artist, researcher and writer, Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom

Vera Pina, Summer Camp, London, UK

Inas Halabi, Artist, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Mark Little, Retired Dean of Arts, Newcastle, Uk

James Metsoja, Artist, Hoveton, Uk

Astrida Neimanis, University Senior Lecturer, Sydney, Australia

Akeelah Bertram, Artist, Leeds, England

Hannah Morgan, Student, London, UK

Göze Saner, Lecturer, London, UK

Claudia Brazzale, Senior Lecturer/Ph.D., London, UK

Fer Boyd, Writer

Harriet Bowman, Artist, Bristol, UK

Will Marshall, Curator, Manchester, UK

Navine G Khan-Dossos, Artist, London, United Kingdom

Blake Morris, Artist and academic researcher, Northampton, United Kingdom

Rose Boyt, Writer/photographer, London, Uk

Dorothy Price, University Professor, Bristol, UK

John Powell-jones, Artist ,Todmorden, Uk

Mary Paterson, Writer, London

Emma Withers, Artist, Ma FA Goldsmiths’ College, Woodbridge, United Kingdom

Sarah Gillett, Artist, London, UK

Eva Jonas, Technician, Brighton, UK

Bev Broadhead, Artist, Cromer, UK

Lauren Velvick, Preston

Matthew Jones, Art Historian, Brighton, United Kingdom

Ruth Claxton, Artist, Birmingham, UK

Anna Bunting-Branch, artist, London, UK

Ben Yau, Artist, London, UK

Abbie Vickress, University Lecturer, Bristol, UK

Kelly Large, Artist, curator, lecturer, London, UK

Rachel Dobbs, Artist & Educator, PlymouthUK

Philip Stanier, University Lecturer/Artist, Winchester, UK

Stephen Doherty, Artist, London, United Kingdom

Thomas Goddard, Artist, Cardiff, Wales

Marie-Thérèse Ross, Artist, London, Uk

Adam Lewis-Smythe, Curator, Liverpool, UK

Luca Asta, Artist, London, UK

Lara Smithson, Artist, London, UK

Sora Leo, Project manager, Barcelona, Spain

Marie-Anne McQuay, Curator, Liverpool, UK

Nicholas Hudson-Ellis, Film Program Manager, Bangkok, Thailand

Jen Calleja, Writer and literary translator, London, UK

Cushion, Artist educator /BA Hons mixed media fine art, Gravesend, United Kingdom

Ruth Jones, UK

Celia Turley, Creative Producer, Bristol, UK                                                                                                          (150) 

Vijay Patel, Artist, U.K

Terry Smith, artist, Folkestone, UK

Adam Cooper, Artist / Administrator, Manchester, UK

Andrew Bick, Artist, London, United Kingdom

Elizabeth Lawal,  Law Msc, London, UK

Lulu Nunn, Curator, HOAX, London, UK

Laura Harrington, Artist, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Sofia Niazi, Artist, UK

Adam Lowe, Writer, lecturer and publisher, Salford, United Kingdom

chloe turpin, Artist, LONDON, United Kingdom

Cherry Styles, Huddersfield, UK

Cat Harrison ,Artist & Producer, Harlow, UK

Laura Sweeney, Independent Producer, Essex, UK

Hollie Miller

Frances Davis, Scotland

Rory, UK

Kitty Fedorec, dance artist, Hastings, UK

Mark Simpkins, Artist, Designer, Technologist, London, UK

Ian Jenkin, London


Jacqui Ansell, Art Historian/Educator, Ramsgate, United Kingdom

Zaneta Zukalova, Photography Studio Assistant Manager, London, UK

Andrea Francke, Artist, London, UK

Adam Walker, Artist London, UK

Grace Scott, Artist, Leeds, UK

Catherine Grant, Lecturer, London, U.K.

Gair Dunlop, senior lecturer/artist, Dundee, Scotland

Nadia Iftkhar, Artistic Director & CEO

Eliza Pollock, London, United Kingdom

Francesca Blomfield, Artist, London, U.K

Livia Mirita, Manager, London, UK

So Mayer, Writer and film curator, London, UK

Ella belenky, Artist, London, UK

Aleasha Chaunte, Artist

Dolly Senartist, Norfolk, United Kingdom

Lucy Thurley, Arts manager, London, United Kingdom

Shona Macnaughton, ArtistGlasgow, United Kingdom

Emilia Lunney


Angela Chan, Independent Curator, Loughborough, Leicestershire

Warren Harper, Curator, Essex, UK

Jen Smethurst, Independent Arts Worker, London, UK

Steve Nice, Artist, London, UK

Katie Bruce, Curator, Glasgow, Scotland

Rebecca Kadi, Assistant, Sidcup, UK

Priscila Buschinelli, Curator / Producer / artist, Bath, United Kingdom

Tana West, Artist/ MA RCA, London, UK

Hannah Vincent, Freelance Dance Artist, London, United Kingdom

Ruby Wroe, Artist, London, UK

Lara Laeverenz, Musician/Artist/Collaborator, London, UK                                                                            (200) 

Clem Crosby, Artist, London, UK

Es Morgan, Artist, Producer, London, United Kingdom

Chloe Carroll, London, UK

Verity Birt, Artist and PhD researcher, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

Daniel Oliver, Artist, Lecturer, London, UK

jane Trowell, Art educator, curator and activist, Higham, United Kingdom

Nouria Bah, Comms, UK

Elspeth Mitchell, Research Fellow, Leeds, United Kingdom

Keira Kay, Botanical Stylist, London, England

Ema Boswood

Mathilda Bennett-Greene, Artist, Rye, East Sussex, UK

Nicol Parkinson, Artist, London, United Kingdom

Gwenllian Spink, Artist, London, UK

Joseph Hulme, Artist / Framer, Liverpool, UK

Catherine Griffiths, Artist, Designer, Educator


Tāmaki Makaurau, Auckland, New Zealand

Sophie O’Neill, Croydon

Steven Barrett, Lecturer and artist, London, UK

Clara Potter-Sweet, Artist, United Kingdom

Ellie Domoney, Seamstress, London, UK

demi nandhra, artist, Birmingham, England

Antonio Roberts, ArtistBirmingham, UK

Kit Trowbridge, Artist, London, UK

Joanne Tatham, Artist and Reader in Contemporary Art, RCA, London, United Kingdom

Helen Kilby, Nelson, Artist, Shipston on Stour, United Kingdom

Gino Santos, Spatial designer, London, United Kingdom

Alannah Pirrit, Arts Producer, Auckland, New Zealand

Kezia Rice

Fern Thomas, Artist, Swansea, Wales

Rachel Pimm, Artist London, UK


Jonathan May, Arts worker, London, UK

Amelia Hawk, Artist, Birmingham, UK

Holly Firmin, Gallery Assistant, Southend, United Kingdom

Alice Theobald, Artist, Huntingdon, Uk

Cel Macdonald, BA, London, UK

Heather Marshall, Artist & Writer, Edinburgh, Scotland

Clare Gomez, Collection & Exhibitions, Registrar, Newcastle, UK

Zach Harper, Architectural Assistant, London, UK

Susannah Worth, writer/editor/artist/musician, London, UK

Joon Lynn Goh, Cultural Organiser, London, UK


Caitlin Merrett King, Curator, Glasgow, Scotland

Brian Lewis, Editor / Publisher, Sheffield, United Kingdom

Hani Diriye, London, United Kingdom

Sophie Collins, Lecturer, Glasgow, Scotland

Kirsten Cooke, Curator/Lecturer, Reading, UK

Johanna Linsley, Lecturer, University of Dundee, Dundee, United Kingdom

Aleksandra Ugelstad Elnæs, Historian, Oslo, Norway

Richard Hancock, Artist, Berlin, Germany

Jon Bellebono

Beth Emily Richards, Artist-researcher, Plymouth, United Kingdom

Chris Fite-Wassilak, writer, London, UK

India Boxall, Student and facilitator, Glasgow

Liz Rosenfeld, ArtistBerlin, Germany

Brian Lobel, Professor and Artist, London, UK

Nikhil Vyas, Artist, London, United Kingdom

Gayle Chong Kwan, Artist, London, UK

Zoë Sawyer, Curator, Birmingham / Leeds, UK

Jasleen kaur, Artist, London, UK

Pauline Scott-Garrett, Artist, Bristol, England

Raymond Mitchell, Industrial Chemist Rtd, Newtown, United Kingdom

Sonia Hufton, United Kingdom

Dr Khairani Barokka, Research Fellow, UAL Decolonising Arts Institute

Annie Kwan, Curator, London, United Kingdom

Sara Kerry, Artist, Brighton, UK

Laura Plant, Curator / arts administrator ,London, UK

Karen Di Franco, Curator, London, UK

Ethan Sheppard, Artist, Folkestone, UK

Emmy Edge, Brighton, UK

Ben Harris, Events & Operations, London, United Kingdom

Elisa Adami, Writer / educator, London, UK

Livvy Murdoch, Learning and Participation Manager, London, UK

Lowri Heckler, Gallery Assistant, London, England

Giulia Shah, Artist, London, United Kingdom

Bryony Gillard, Artist, Bristol, UK

Rebecca Jagoe, Artist, Monmouth, Wales

Mollie McCulloch, London

Jamie Cruickshank, Software Engineer / Musician, Bristol, UK

Maria Kubler, London, UK

Caspar Heinemann, Artist and writer, Glasgow, United Kingdom

Chantelle Purcell, Curator / Fine Art, London, United Kingdom

Emma Sheppard, Lecturer, Coventry, UK

Nancy Hatcher

Traci Kelly, Artist, Stuttgart, Germany

Barry Sykes, Artist, London, UK

Hazal Kaygusuz, Student, Berlin, Germany

Chloe Farrar, Artist, London, UK

Lily Shaw, Artist - MFA, Lancaster, England

Sop, Artist, London, UK

Reena Makwana, Illustrator, London, UK

Christa Holka, Artist Photographer, London, UK

Kate Hickey, Communications, Folkestone, UK

Jaiwana Monaghan, Unemployed, London, UK

Holly Warcup, Full time Student, London, United Kingdom

Danielle Waldman, LondonUnited,  Kingdom

Polina Bakh, Marketing, London, UK

Belinda Johnson, Publisher (formerly Tate Etc.), London, UK                                                                         (300)

Talulah Farrier

Chloë Louise Lawrence, Artist, London, UK

Kiah Endelman, MusicWriter, Glasgow, Scotland

Jo Lathwood, Artist

Chloe Philippou, NHS, London, UK

Harvey Chessells, StudentLeeds, United Kingdom

Emma Edmondson, Artist / educator, Southend on Sea, UK

Sarah Pickering, Artist and Educator, London, UK

Frances Scott, Artist, London, UK

Ben Kulvichit, Artist, Bristol, UK

Emma Sheehy

Lucille Swith, Artist, Liverpool, England

Jo Hooton, BA Fine Art, London, UK

Ewan Allinson, Sculptor, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Anna Barratt, Artist, education, SwanseaWales

Izzy DuBois, Artist, Grantown-on-Spey, UK

Anton Winzer, Artist, Salzburg, Austria

Cam cajm, Art, London, UK

Niamh Riordan, artist, Liverpool, UK


Jasmine O’Hare, Arts Marketer, Dorset, United Kingdom

Bergit Arends, Research Fellow, Bristol, UK

Zhun Lyn Chang

Jane Morrow, Independent Curator, Belfast, UK

Peter Davies, Artist, London, UK

Amy Lawrence, Freelance arts worker and artist, Manchester, England

Vanessa Woolf, storyteller, London, UK

Natasha Atherton, Actor, London, UK

Eleanor Pearce, Artist, Educator, Curator, London, United Kingdom

Joel Wycherley

Daniella Valz Gen, Artist and Writer, London, UK

Ellen Mara De Wachter, Writer and Curator, London, United Kingdom

Iga Bielawska, BA, London, United Kingdom

Rosie Dowd-Smyth, Artist, Glasgow, Scotland

Weixin Chong, Artist, Lecturer, Singapore & Madrid, Singapore

Jessa Mockridge, Artist and library worker, London, UK

Lottie Whalen, Writer & Cofounder of Decorating Dissidence, London, UK

Hannah Wilson, ArtistGlasgow, U.K.

Emily Speed, Artist, Kingsley, United Kingdom

Toni-Dee Paul, Artist, Manchester, England

Lauren Church, Producer, London, UK

Mitchell Porter, Performance Maker, Manchester, United Kingdom

Maria Brewster, Organiser/Curator, Liverpool, United Kingdom

Cathy Naden Theatre-maker, performer, writer, UK

Christopher Jones, Specialized Faculty in New Media, Champaign, United States

Eva Sajovic, artist, London, United Kingdom

Ana Meisel, Designer, London, United Kingdom

Adam Farah, Artist, Lecturer, London, England

Marina Vishmidt, Writer, London, UK

Rehana Zaman, Artist, London, United Kingdom

Charlotte Todhunter, St Albans, UK

Kaya Birch-Skerritt, London, UK

Serayna Solanki

Kathryn John, Artist + Educator, Saundersfoot, Wales

Robyn Stewart, Glasgow

Líadáin Evans, London, United Kingdom

Ellen Wilkinson, Arts writer, London, United Kingdom

Adriana Disman, Artist and Teacher, London, Imperial England

Lewis Church Writer and Academic, London, UK

Veerle Duflou, Conference interpreter/University lector, Antwerpen, Belgium

Isabelle Southwood, Artist, UK

Sophie Gresswell, Artist, Luton, England

Tabitha Money, Hastings, UK

emily fitzell, london

Lucy Clout, Artist, London, UK

Isabel Waidner, Writer, London, UK

Charles de Agustin, ArtistOxford/NJ, UK/US

Marty Langthorne, Lighting Designer & Artist, London, UK

Olivia Fitzpatrick, London

Jairo Zaldua, Artist, London, UK

Janet Couloute, PhD researcher, London, United Kingdom

Sam Mets, Disabled Artist, Sheffield, United Kingdom

Felix Melia, Artist, London, U.K.

Georgia Risley, Furniture Designer, London, UK

Antosh Wojcik, Artist, Reading, UK

Ellen RogersLecturerLondonUk

Khaleb BrooksArtistLondonUK

Clio Isadora, Illustrator, London, England

Saelia aparicio Torinos, Artist, London, UK/spain

Elan Gamaker, Writer, Director and Senior Lecturer, London, UK

Elena Marchevska, Academic /Artist, LondonUnited, Kingdom

Eloise Bennett, Writer/Researcher, London, United Kingdom

Gemma Gore, artist, Southampton, United Kingdom

Jacqueline Utley, Artist, London, United Kingdom

Dr Jane Yeh, University Lecturer, London, United Kingdom

Tamsin Wilson, Artist, London, England

Aoife O’Rourke, Newcastle upon Tyne, England

Louis Caseley, Arts & Mental Health, London, United Kingdom

Stuart Roberts, writer/artist, Phila, United States

Susie Quillinan, curator, researcher, Lima, Peru

Angharad Graham, Artist, Manchester, UK

Candice Nembhard, Artist-Curator and Writer, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Beth Rylance, Freelance, London, UK

Alison Lloyd, Artist (Dr. PhD), Nottingham, United Kingdom

Jonah Pontzer, Artist, London, United Kingdom

Sabeen Chaudhry

Francesca Mollett, Painter, London, UK                                                                                                                  (400) 


Sophia Simensky, Theatre Designer and Artist, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Elizabeth Mira, Student, Greenville, United States

Stevie MacKinnon-Smith, Art Worker, Swansea,Wales

Luisa Ulyett, Curator, London, United Kingdom

Hannah Regel, London, United Kingdom

Ashley Maum, Amsterdam, NL

Joshua Hart, Artist & Carer, Leeds, England

Rachael Clerke, Artist, Bristol, UK

Jack Park, Teacher and artist, Liverpool, UK

Aidan Thawley

Rosalie Schweiker, London, UK

Phoebe Cripps, London, United Kingdom

Claricia Parinussa, Artist and producer, Glasgow

Natalia Damigou-Papoti, Writer and arts worker, London, UK

Garry Cook, Photographer, Preston, UK

Jos Nyreen, Artist, London, UK

Dave Griffiths, Artist & Senior Lecturer, Manchester School of Art, Manchester, United Kingdom

Sophia Willis, Artist (Goldsmiths BA Fine Art Graduate), London, England

Olive Kan, Artist, London, UK

Cavan Pledge, Curriculum Leader Art and Design, Tonbridge, United Kingdom

Sara Mai, Artist, Shrewsbury, UK

Thomas Roose, Fine Art Bachelor’s Graduate, Liverpool, United Kingdom

Kate Spence, Artist/Curator, Birmingham, UK

Becky Lyon, Artist, MA, London, United Kingdom

Arabella Beveridge, Student BA Fine Art, CSM, London, UK

Thomas Marsh, Teacher, London, United Kingdom

Peter Amoore,  Curatorial Assistant, Cooper Gallery

Sarah Sajid, Designer, LondonUK

Elyssa Livergant, Artist, Educator, Activist, London, United Kingdom

George Manson, Artist, Cardiff, Wales

Hannah Machover, Printmaker, London, UK

Thanasis Christofides, Architect, Nicosia, Cyprus

Sarah Pledge, Technician, Tonbridge, UK

Benedict Drew, Artist, Whistable, United Kingdom

Sahra Hersi, Artist

Baile Ali, Artist, Leeds, Inglan

Maud Constantin, Teacher, Geneva, Switzerland

Peter Law, Producer, London, UK

Ruby Cromer, Art Student, Minnepolis, USA

Hazel Low, Theatre Designer, London, UK

Angela Knipe, Designer, Scarborough, England

Jessica Ziegler, BFA (Hons), Wellington, New Zealand

Cecelia Johnson, Artist, London, UK

Nina Hanna, Student,  BA, London, UK

Teresa Oliver, Carer, Calne, England

Andrew Mottershead, Artist, London

Sophie Barnard, Duty manager, Hastings, England

Grace Compton, ArtistLondon, England

Jenny Hallström, Museum worker, MA Fine Art, Lidköping, Sweden

Vaughan Sutherland, Artist, Southend, Essex

Andrew Montague - Cook, Cartoonist/film maker, London/Croydon, UK

Matthew Benington, Lecturer, Norwich, UK

Lara Alphas, Product designer, Nicosia, Cyprus

Andrew Tam, Architect /Tate Member, London, UK

Lily Slotover, Student, London, UK

Molly Sinclair-Thomson, Cardiff

Catherine Long, Artist, London, UK

Emma Bolland, Artist, writer, lecturer

Serena Korda, Artist, London, UK

Hallam, Studio technician, London, UK

Eliza Dickson, Student, London, UK

Marie-Anne McQuay, Curator, Liverpool, UK

Flora Wellesley Wesley, Dancer, London, UK

Fritha Jenkins, Artist, London, United Kingdom

Margaret Haines, Artist, Los Angeles, United States

Maudie Gibbons, artist studio co-ordinator, London, UK 

Nisha Cromar-Benn, Fine Art Student, Brighton, United Kingdom

Lois White

Deborah Findlater, Artist, London

Millicent Counsell, UAL Level 3 Diploma in Art and Design, Darwen England

Eve Veglio-Whits, Producer, London, England

Cathy Wade, Artist, Birmingham, UK

Clare Price, Artist, London, England

Charlotte Suckling, Whitby, United Kingdom

T White, Artist, London, UK

Rachel Parry, Artist, Producer, Curator, Educator, Nottingham,UK

Charlotte Cullen, Artist, lecturer/ PhD, Leeds, UK

Heather Duffin

Dominic Hickman, Fine Art, London, Britain

Henry Ireland, Graphic Designer, Ware, UK

Paige Pope, Glasgow, Scotland

Emmie McLuskey, Artist

Julie Pickard, Artist & Freelance Editor, MFA, London, UK

Helen Stratford, Artist and Architect, Ely, UK

Jon Davies, Arts Administrator, Liverpool, UK

Adam Chodzko, artist, Whitstable, Kent,United Kingdom

Natasha MacVoy, Artist, Dursley, UK

Paul Sammut, Artist/Curator, London, UK

Elizabeth Graham, Curator, London, UK

Salam S, Gap Year, London, England

Raluca Iancu, Clinical Trials Assistant & Artist, Sheffield, South Yorkshire

Dana Olarescu, Artist, ,London, United Kingdom

Caitlin Davies, Curator, Port Talbot, Wales

Alba Colomo, Curator, Nottingham, UK

Aindri C., communication designer, Edinburgh, UK                                                                                                      (500) 

Iman Datoo, Designer & Researcher, London, UK

Charlotte Hollinshead, Artist, Artist Facilitator, London, UK

Nicola Guy, Writer and researcher, Nottingham, UK

Alex Alonso, Curator, Santander, Spain

Laura Onions, Artist, Wolverhampton, UK

Kathryn Ashill, Artist, Barry, Wales

Lucy Lopez, Curator and Writer, Birmingham, UK

Sonya Dyer, Artist, London, UK

Seán Elder Wilson, Curator, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Jay Drinkall, Writer and editor, London, UK

Sir Sarah Carne, ArtistLondon, United Kingdom


Bianca Pencz, Young Person's IDVA, Manchester, United Kingdom

Georgia Hall, Curator, Bristol, UK

Zoe Williams, Artist, London, United Kingdom

Carrie Gordh, Professor, San Diego, United States

Lauren Wright, Curator, London

Justine Luaba

Adam Burton, artist / technician, Hastings, UK

Mali Draper, Liverpool, UK

Isabella Edwards, Chef/Artist, St. Albans, Dharug country, Australia

Mette Kjaergaard, Curator, Copenhagen, Denmark

Joanna Harrison, Art Worker / Curator, London, UK

Lydia Brockless, Artist / MA student,  RCA, Gravesend, UK

Sarah Mercer, Artist, London, UK

Joyce Treasure, BA (Hons) Black Studies, Birmingham, UK

Season Butler, Author and Artist, London, United Kingdom

Nina von der Werth, Artist, Producer, LondonUK

Jessica Longmore, Artist, Manchester, UK

Coire Simpson, Student, Glasgow, Scotland

Jaana Alakoski, Artist, London, UK

Edward Gillman, Director, Auto Italia, London, UK

S marie, BA FASHION DESIGN, London, UK

Anya Lewin, Artist/Lecturer, Plymouth, United Kingdom

Holly Falconer, Photographer, London ,UK

Amanprit Sandhu, Curator and Tutor, London, UK

Julia Crabtree, Artist and Lecturer, London, UK

William Evans, Artist, London, UK

Alice Hattrick, Writer, London, England

Irene Aristizábal, Curator, Newcastle, UK

Angelica Sule, Curator, Nottingham, UK

Masima, Artist/MA Fine Art (tbc), London, England

Ifeanyi Awachie, Writer and Curator, New York/London

Lillian Wilkie, Publisher, editor, lecturer, London, UK

Chel Norville, Social Worker, Oxford, United Kingdom

David Sheppeard, Producer, Brighton, United Kingdom

Phoebe Roberts, Curator, London, UK

Alexia Kerwat, UCL undergraduate, London, UK

Amala GroomWiradyuri,  Conceptual Artist, Bathurst, Australia

Alice Weber, Artist, Sydney, Australia

Anisa Jackson, Curator, New York,  US

James Collie, Film programmerMelbourneAustralia

Heather Harmon, Warwick, USA

Cristina Monteiro, Architect, London, Uk

Su-Ying Lee, Curator, Toronto, Canada

Jill Finch, Director, South Croydon, UK

Ryan Kearney, Curator, Nottingham, United Kingdom

Annie Murrells, Folkestone, UK

Lawil, Artist, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Towera Ridley, Woven Textile Designer, Edinburgh, Scotland

Sally Lemsford, Artist, curator, researcher, Bridport, UK, Dorset

Rachel Genn, Writer/artist, Sheffield, United Kingdom

Paul Becker, Artist, Stockholm, Sweden

Edie, Technician, Edinburgh, Scotland

victoria beyai, caseworker, London, United Kingdom

Amy Poole, London

Tiril Hasselknippe, Artist, Stavanger, Norway

Anne Cecilie Lie, Artist/scenographer, Oslo, Norway

Josephine Rock, Artist, London, UK

Jenny Richards, Phd student, Stockholm, Sweden

Katherine Jenkins, Social Worker,  Norwich, UK

Marura Mulumba

Alexander Hetherington, Filmmaker, Stirling, United Kingdom

Live Marianne Noven, Actor, Oslo, Norway

Sam Trotman, Director, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Daisy Lafarge, Writer, Sheffield, UK

Joe herrick, IT Support, London, U.K.

Angus Sinclair, Poet, London, United Kingdom

Emma Bosanko, Jeweller, Norwich, UK

Dominic Johnson, Professor, art historian, London, UK

Roland RossDesigner / MA Visual Communication, London, United Kingdom

Steven Ball, Artist/academic, London, U.K.

Phoebe Banks, Aberdeen, Scotland

Maia walton, Retail, Bath, England

Jessica Flowerdew, Teaching assistant / BA(Hons), EYPS, Great Yarmouth, Uk

Alessandra Cianetti, Curator, London, UK

Alisa Oleva, London, United Kingdom

Sue Withers, London, UK

Sophie Littman, Director, London, United Kingdom

Ellie Meachen, Music student, Norwich, Uk

John Kannenberg, Artist, Museum Director, PhD, Portsmouth, Southsea, United Kingdom

Kevin Biderman, Lecturer, London, UK

Gareth Spencer, London, United Kingdom

Clara Paillard, museum worker, LIVERPOOL, United Kingdom

Roberto, Teacher/Cultural worker, London, UK

Alex Brent, External Relations, Coordinator, London, United Kingdom

Erika Lewis, Art handler/museum, technician, Cambridge, UK