Artist Leaks

Industria is collecting responses for ‘Artist Leaks’, an artist-to-artist solidarity project seeking to make information on pay and treatment of artists by publicly funded institutions more transparent. You can submit your personal experiences through the quick and anonymous online Artist Leaks form to help build a resource to strengthen our collective bargaining power as artists and workers. 


Artist Leaks came about after a large institution refused our FOI request about artist fees and production budgets, stating that it is not in their 'commercial interest' to make this information public. We think it's in all our interests, as artists, to get a clear understanding of where specific fees fit into wider structures and maintain dynamics of power. 


We are collecting experiences of pay and wider working conditions within public arts institutions in the UK and the Republic of Ireland and releasing the results regularly as they come in. Once we have gathered all the responses, we are aiming to compile and publish a report to present the findings of the form. As an extension of this process, we will be working with  a-n  as part of their Advocacy Working Group.

“We want to find a way for artists to work beyond the idea of ‘taking what you can get’, and to recognise each other as workers with shared aims as part of a wide-reaching struggle.”

Creating Change: Industria on advocating for fair pay

Read our interview about Artist Leaks with Jamila Prowse here.

Dark Green text on square peach background reads "The full budget was spent on production costs"
Mid green text on square lilac background reads "As the artist you're at the bottom of the food chain and expected to do your 'magic' in a system that is structurally fucked."
Dark green text on olive green square reads "almost had a nervous breakdown"
Bright pastel green text on charcoal grey square background reads "I had to fundraise for my own production costs."
Peach text on mid green square background reads "I told the curators that it was not a fee but a gesture and they agreed with me"
Hot pink text on a dark green square reads "the fee per hour worked out as pennies."
Peach text on a square mid green backround reads "No travel or access budget, no contract or agreement in place. Payment a year late!"
Dark blue text on an orange square backround reads "it isn't just about money – it's dignity and self worth"
Spearmint green text on a russet brown background reads "I was expected to make an application to Creative Scotland for extra support to cover production. I did not receive any support to make the lengthy application."